Our values


The mission of Refractories services srl unipersonale is to satisfy customers in respect of health and safety in the workplace, in quality and with ethics.

“The greatest assets of a company are represented by its customers, because without customers there are no companies”. Michael LeBoeuf

Health & Safety

The health and safety of our staff is at the top of our values.
Through continuous training, monitoring of near misses and non-conformities, supervision with a view to constantly monitoring compliance with rules and procedures, we promote continuous improvement of the Safety Management System.
We also enhance a company culture of accident-free safety by transmitting it to workers, by strengthening the way of thinking and perceiving the risk of our personnel:
safety is life.


Quality is essential to our competitive advantage and it is what we guarantee to our customers.
The commitment of the leadership is to make constant and continuous investments that allow us to be at the forefront in providing our maintenance and installation service for refractory linings.

“Quality is satisfying the customer’s needs and exceeding his own expectations by continuing to improve” . William Edwards Deming


Ethics applied to corporate activity is a fundamental element of our way of conceiving work.
It is expressed through the cardinal principles that we apply in our company: presence, honesty, teamwork, productivity, positive attitude, organizational skills, respect and cooperation.

Problem Solving

Our business approach is to find solutions to solve the problems of our customers.
We do this through our professionalism, the experience gained over the years and continuous training in the field and a continuous study of research and analysis in our sector.