Technical assistance

The professionalism required in the field of refractory linings has reached very high levels, customers increasingly need to be supported by professionals with proven experience in the field of refractory linings.

Refractories Services srl SB can, on request, provide highly specialized and professionally trained personnel to supervise the works that the client has decided to entrust to other assembly companies.

Our staff, in addition to being prepared for reading and interpreting the drawings, has the ability to advise on how to simplify the organization of the site, from the point of view of timing, workforce and yield.

In the operations that we can perform, we also indicate the appraisal operations as proof of the state of fact, calculation and estimate of the most correct works to be performed, considering above all the safety of the plants and the operators.

Refractories Services

Refractories Services srl SB is specialized in the production, installation, maintenance and technical assistance
of refractory linings on any type of oven and plant in the various sectors and production processes.

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