Fiber installation

The refractory linings differ in different types, in the different fields of application, particular attention must be paid in ceramic fiber coatings.

The fragility of the material to be installed and its particularity, with reference to safety and therefore to disposal, impose precise manual skills, which our staff has matured over the years.

Today Refractories Services srl SB, is able to carry out workings with applied ceramic fiber, both in the multilayer solution, and in the solution of pre-compressed high-quality prefabricated modules, paying attention to joints and seals, important details especially for the shrinkage characteristics during operation in the Ceramic Fiber itself.

Refractories Services

Refractories Services srl SB is specialized in the production, installation, maintenance and technical assistance
of refractory linings on any type of oven and plant in the various sectors and production processes.

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