Over the years, the experience of Refractories Services srl SB in the glass sector has continuously progressed in completing the service in a particularly delicate area for product quality.

The staff of Refractories Services srl SB is able to proceed in small repairs both refractory and mechanical, including hot repairs (oven on) such as grouting or replacements, of blockages, doffing inlets and trays in the channels.

The structure and the technical experience developed allow us to perform small and medium-sized ovens in the all-inclusive formula, both for daily ovens and continuous ovens up to an oven surface of 40-50 square meters.

Refractories Services

Refractories Services srl SB is specialized in the production, installation, maintenance and technical assistance
of refractory linings on any type of oven and plant in the various sectors and production processes.

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