Preriscaldo e trattamento termico

In the execution of refractory linings, it is important to pay particular attention to the pre-heating of the same, both in the first ignition phase and in the system restart phase.

Refractories Services srl SB has in its equipment park, feeding ramps, with movable burners, to be used in preheating and treatment operations, respecting the curves provided by the suppliers of refractory materials or by the engineering companies.

The instrumentation used, allows the partial and progressive regulation of treatments and temperatures, furthermore in the execution phase Refractories Services srl can record the various temperatures detected in different areas of the planned plant, providing at the end of the process tables and feedback graphics and confirmation of the operations performed.

Refractories Services

Refractories Services srl SB is specialized in the production, installation, maintenance and technical assistance
of refractory linings on any type of oven and plant in the various sectors and production processes.

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