Pre-heating plays a decisive role in the completion of the refractory linings, in fact the correct execution of this operation, necessary to extract the mixing water, in the concrete and to stabilize the humidity in the brick linings, can condition the yield and duration of the same.

Refractories Services srl SB has burner ramps that can be fed either with methane gas or LPG gas, which can be adjusted automatically and manually, to optimally carry out Pre-Heating operations

The burner ramps are equipped with electronic adjustment and flame control instruments, as well as temperature recording instruments through different types of thermocouples, K, S, T, to reproduce reports of the layouts performed, with respect to the diagrams required.

Refractories Services

Refractories Services srl SB is specialized in the production, installation, maintenance and technical assistance
of refractory linings on any type of oven and plant in the various sectors and production processes.

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